Marissa Mayer, innovation and telecommuting

You probably have heard it: Yahoo’s culture and employee morale have dissolved as it has fallen behind hotter tech companies. Innovation has suffered. Now Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has found a solution through banning working-from-home and hoping to boost innovation as work will be done with physically being together.

I do not wish to argue pro or against telecommuting. I agree that face time is essential to collaboration. But I still see some dangerous signs in this decision. It’s well summarized in

But when choice is removed from the equation, it’s hard to imagine innovation coming as naturally. How innovative are workers who’ve experienced a corporate move so sweeping and drastic? Rather than feeling inspired and encouraged, they’re likely disgruntled, befuddled and fearful. And top potential talent seeking a flexible situation now need not even apply. That’s without mentioning the impact on morale after such a corporate move.

No matter how well intended Marissa Mayer’s message was, many people will get it as following:

start thinking outside the box

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