Probleemid 360 kraadi tagasisidega

Leidsin HBR-i blogidest Marcus Buckinghami kirjatüki “360-kraadise tagasiside saatuslikud puudujäägid” (The Fatal Flaw with 360 Surveys). Mõned tsitaadid sealt:

I still think all but a very few 360 degree surveys are, at best, a waste of everyone’s time, and at worst actively damaging to both the individual and the organization. We could stop using all of them, right now, and our organizations would be the stronger for it.

My problem with 360s is not the quality of the feedback given to the leader. No, my beef with 360 surveys is more basic, more fundamental. It’s the data itself. The data generated from a 360 survey is bad. It’s always bad. And since the data is bad, no matter how well-intended your coaching, how insightful your feedback, how coherent your leadership model, you are likely leading your leaders astray.

The bottom line is that, when it comes to rating my behavior, you are not objective. You are, in statistical parlance, unreliable. You give us bad data. Each individual rater is equally unreliable. This means that each rater yields bad data. And, unfortunately, when you add together many sources of bad data, you do not get good data. You get lots of bad data.

Your raters are a non-random group of people who happen to work with you or report to you. In statistics we call this a ‘skewed sample.’ Add up all their ratings and you do not get an accurate, objective measure of your leadership behaviors. You get gossip, quantified.

Tundub, et sarnaselt paljude personaliarendamise (juurdlesin, kas arendamisele panna jutumärgid või mitte) tööriistadele on ka 360 kraadi tagasiside väga suures osas uskumise asi. Kes tõsimeeli selle tõhususse usub, see vaevalt, et oma arvamust muutma hakkab. Seejuures pole absoluutselt mitte mingit vahet, missuguste vastuargumentidega välja tulla, probleem saab olla ainult rakendajas või rakendamises, mitte kunagi aga meetodis endas. Kuid need, kel on 360 kraadi tagasisidega probleeme olnud, nendivad ilmselt rahulolevalt: “Mis ma teile ütlesin!”.

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