Quality of the workplace is more important than company policies

For companies trying to choose between improving employee engagement and boosting workforce wellbeing, Gallup research provides good news. “Employers can improve both aspects at the same time,” says Jim Harter, Ph.D., Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and wellbeing. What’s more, the research strongly suggests that “the nature of the work environment may have more of an effect than workplace policies on overall wellbeing,” Harter says.

Flextime had the strongest relationship to overall wellbeing. Engaged employees with a lot of flextime have 44% higher wellbeing than actively disengaged employees with very little or no flextime. And among employees who are actively disengaged or not engaged, those with flextime have higher overall wellbeing.

three types of employees

The study also shows that an engaging work environment boosts the odds of high wellbeing regardless of workplace policy. What matters most is employee engagement. Fewer hours, more vacation time, and flextime cannot fully offset the negative effects of a disengaging workplace on wellbeing.

Source: businessjournal.gallup.com

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