Võrgustumise loogika Demoselt


Londonis baseeruva mõttekoja Demos lehelt võib leida hulgaliselt väärt materjali allalaadimiseks. Ja seda täiesti tasuta (UK CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs litsents).

Muuhulgas võib sealt leida ka võrgustumise loogikat käsitleva esseedekogumiku Network logic: who governs in an interconnected world? Looking at the impacts of networks.

They are all around us. We rely on them. We are threatened by
them. We are part of them. Networks shape our world, but they can
be confusing: no obvious leader or centre, no familiar structure and
no easy diagram to describe them. Networks self-organise, morphing
and changing as they react to interference or breakdown.
Networks are the language of our times, but our institutions are
not programmed to understand them.

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